Starbolin Agriculture's product portfolio.

Starbolin Agriculture provides high quality branded healthy foods that you and your family can rely on. Our products can be found at leading retailers in Hong Kong such as ParkNshop and many others. Our leading brand products have strong certifications and have been grown in clean and healthy environments. Leading brands such as Sunkist fruit snacks, Buddha's Garden vegetarian sauces (no onion no garlic), Tuscan Traditions and Haks Paks show us that our customers are demanding high quality foods.

Starbolin Agriculture is also a SME (Small and Medium Sized) buyer friendly company. We work hard to help local players in diverse and developing markets to get equal access to goods and services. Starbolin has a SME short term financing program. Please fee free to reach out us, if you wish to learn more.

The grid below gives the most popular product sizes for goods. However, be sure to download OUR FLYER here, to see more details on items and offerings.

Product Grid

Brands Package Size Country of Origin Certificates
Buddha's Garden, No onion no garlic vegetarian pasta sauce and curry.

Where to buy:
B-to-B buyers please go to: HKTDC

Hong Kong market
In Store:
Loving Hut
Yue Hwa Supermarket
Organic Life
Bhavika Store (YouStoreHK)
Doki Doki
Hong Kong Online:
WatonMall by ParkNshop
Foodie Market

Macau market
In Store:
New Yaohan

China market
In Store:
Lotus Supermarket
Taste Supermarket
China Online:

Taiwan market
In Store:
Ivegan Supermarket
520 gram, 6 case Belgium IFS, Non-GMO, Gluten Free.

Tuscan Traditions, Pasta Sauce 680 grams, 12 carton USA SQF Level 2, Non GMO, Certified gluten free, Kosher
Sunkist,Fruit snacks 25 grams USA HACCP, Non-GMO
Haks Paks, Korean BBQ 198 grams, 32 carton USA SQF Level 2, Non GMO, Certified gluten free, Kosher
JNB Salsa, Gourmet Salsa 340 grams, 12 carton USA HACCP
Vitamin D Shiitake Mushrooms 300 gram, 20 carton Taiwan HACCP

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  • Joey wrote:

    I would like to get some samples, to see the quality. How can I get samples of the products?

  • Starbolin wrote:

    Thank you Joey for the question. We give out samples at the food shows. However, if your not attending the food show, please feel free to email us at Let us know which products in our catalog you are interested in. We are happy to send you some samples.

  • Jeff wrote:

    Dear Starbolin, we like the range of products you are offering. Can Starbolin Food do mixed container orders?

  • Starbolin wrote:

    Hi Jeff, on some of the items we are able to offer mixed containers. We realize this is helpful for customers and we do our best to accommodate.

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